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5 Rental Mistakes That Could Make You Lose Your Property

Real estate rental investing seems so easy; passive income, property appreciation, tax benefits and more but people often makes some serious rental mistakes. The reality of life as a landlord isn’t so rosy. It’s hard work. It takes time, research and careful study to understand the business. It’s far easier to lose money on rental property than to make money. In fact, anyone can do it! All it takes is some shortsighted business moves, inexperience, and greed, and you, too, can lose thousands on an investment property. Of course, no one sets out to lose money. But having some guideposts […]

Real Estate Investment Secrets Every Young Nigerian Should Know

I’m not wealthy yet, not by a long shot. Editors don’t earn much, and writers are paid even less, so when a client I have great respect for invited me to a real estate investment seminar last week, I wondered why. Perhaps she has seen into my future and I’m about to come into money! After all, investing in real estate is for rich, financially free people, isn’t it? Since she was inviting me on her own account, I gladly went, eager to learn something I could use in the not-so-near future. It turns out I was wrong. Real estate […]

Lagos to Introduce City Wide Video Surveillance with 13,000 CCTV Cameras

The biggest cities on the planet tend to be the ones most in need of an effective security system. One feature of the modern integrated city-wide security system is the Closed-Circuit Television, or CCTV, which enables people to monitor activities from remote locations using installed video cameras. The city of Lagos will be getting its own video surveillance system starting next month if all goes to plan. The Lagos State government has indicated that it wants to boost its capacity to keep tabs on things going on in the city by installing 13,000 closed-circuit cameras in locations across it. The […]

Real estate prices in Nigeria grow steadily

After a boom period marked by high oil prices and double-digit growth, Nigeria’s real estate sector was significantly impacted by the country’s economic downturn, with growth dropping off in 2015 and 2016, and remaining subdued in 2017 and early 2018. With some high-end office and residential projects stalled, developers are increasingly turning their attention towards smaller and more affordable projects, which should benefit from ongoing government efforts to grow the country’s mortgage market and reduce its housing deficit. Planned fundraising activities at the Nigeria Mortgage Refinance Company (NMRC) should help support commercial bank lending, while the federal government’s plans to […]

How To Incorporate Metallic Accents In Any Room

Metallic accents have been one of the top home décor trends for the past couple years, and if we’ve learned anything it’s that you can never go wrong or overboard with incorporating metallic accents throughout your home! Every room in your house can benefit from a little metallic upgrade. From décor additions like mirrors to cabinet hardware, there are so many unique ways to bring a little bling into your home. Mixing metals in home décor used to be a huge no-no, but now, it’s not only accepted it’s being fully embraced! Now is the time to experiment and play […]

6 Insanely Clever Ways To Organize Your Tiny Kitchen

An organized kitchen is essential for cooking, entertaining and everyday living. When the kitchen is out of whack, you feel out of whack. It’s harder to be productive and inspired in a messy environment. Now picture a kitchen that’s also small in size. The organization game gets even tougher. It becomes overwhelming to think about where you’re going to store items without creating more piles and clutter. See six insanely clever ways to organize your tiny kitchen so you can effortlessly cook, enjoy and entertain. Cabinets & Drawers Disorganized cabinets and drawers is a big pet peeve for most homeowners. […]

An Analysis Of The Challenges And Prospects In Real Estate Development In Nigeria

As a developing country, Nigeria’s real estate sector (“the sector”) is evolving at a tremendous pace. Governments at all levels are more aware of the role of real estate development in the growth of their respective territories. Nigeria’s budding sectors such as telecommunications, agriculture, power, tourism have provided a veritable platform for the sector to thrive. Government agencies and private companies now have policies to assist their staff to own a home. It is prudent for employers to build their own estate to accommodate their employees rather than pay them housing allowance throughout the period of their employment. Consequently, real […]

The Ultimate Furniture To Relax In

New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art acquired its first piece of modern Brazilian design – Sergio Rodrigues’s Mole armchair and ottoman of 1957. ‘Mole’ means soft in Portuguese, an apt description of the chair’s character, despite its robust frame made of jacaranda, a hardwood. The chair’s plump leather upholstery eccentrically incorporates chubby cushions that flop informally over the wooden armrests. With its deep, squashy seat and embracing backrest, the capacious chair is inviting, primarily geared for comfort. The design was a gift from Carlos Junqueira, founder of gallery Espasso, based in London, New York and Miami, which is committed to […]

How to Finish a Basement

Mold Mitigation and Waterproofing Before starting construction in your basement, be sure the space isn’t letting in water that will damage any new floor or ceiling that you install. There are a few ways to determine if your basement is effectively waterproofed, which is best interpreted by a professional. Mike DeGirolamo, owner of Triad Basement Waterproofing Inc. in Frederick, Maryland, says water marks on the walls of an unfinished basement can reveal that a basement isn’t properly waterproofed, and in an already finished basement, you’ll likely see water damage or mold on flooring or interior walls. “If someone has 3 […]

8 Ways to Upgrade Your Front Porch

Build a New Porch If you’re looking for a brand-new porch that transforms the front of your home, be mindful that the porch follows the architectural style of the house. “The house will tell you what the porch should look like,” says Nancy Moore, founder and owner of The Porch Company in Nashville, Tennessee. If your home is modern, the porch should have a modern style as well, and the same goes for a brick cottage home, farmhouse or any other design style, Moore says. With a new porch design, Raboine says to focus on the finer details too, like […]