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The three key elements of real estate investment are Location, Location and Location! The word “Location”, repeated three times, was not done in error. Location is the first criteria when considering a real estate investment. A property can experience a large increase or decrease in value due to nothing other than its location. The questions then are, why is location important in real estate? How does a location affect real estate? And where is the best location to buy a house? Today we’ll look at important factors when choosing a home. When people experience an increase in financial status, and […]


Walk the Line: Creating SEO-Friendly Content That Readers Love To truly appreciate the enormous changes that search engines and content marketing have undergone, we need to go back to the Wild West Days of SEO, which were as much fun as the similarly titled 1990s “western” with Will Smith. The flavor of the day were 400-to-500 word articles where you used to cram as many keywords as humanly possible. The search engines were in their infancy, and brutal keyword-stuffing did the job. Some people even used to hide spammed keywords by making them invisible to the eye (white text on […]

12 Insanely Successful Real Estate Marketing Ideas from Top Agents

As a real estate professional, you want to grow your business, and marketing plays a large role in capturing the attention of potential clients. A 2018 study by the National Association of Realtors (NAR) found 87% of home buyers purchase their home through a real estate agent. It’s evident there’s a market for real estate agents. But how can you reach prospects? Below, I’ve compiled some real estate marketing ideas top agents use to promote their businesses. Whether you’re just getting started or are an experienced realtor looking to attract new clients, these marketing tips will help you create a […]